About us

PTSD At Work is a registered charity in England and Wales, which helps people suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) manage the challenges they may experience in the workplace. We do this by raising awareness of the condition and funding dedicated training for UK businesses throughout England and Wales.

Whether you are donating your time to fundraise for us, or making a financial contribution, we thank you for your support and assure you that we will not stop until we achieve our mission.


Our website’s simple layout has been specifically designed to offer helpful, easy to read information for people who may be suffering from PTSD. They may have already received a diagnosis, or be struggling to understand their symptoms and their research has brought them to us. We also provide support to employers on how to identify the possible symptoms of PTSD in one of their employees and how they could support them, to help make the working day more manageable.

Funded Training

PTSD At Work will provide grants to small to medium sized businesses throughout England and Wales, so that they can attend dedicated training on PTSD support. We will continue to work with these businesses on the completion of the training, to help them create a supportive workplace that promotes a positive mental health culture.

Our Founder

PTSD At Work was founded by former travel industry professional, Nathan Bowen. Following his own experience of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, which began in 2017 following an assault, Nathan’s life was affected in many ways by the disorder, but felt his work life suffered considerably.

Once he began his road to recovery in early 2019, Nathan realised just how limited help had been, especially in the area where he had struggled the most; at work.

“Although there was information available online about PTSD affecting work, it was not all in one place. PTSD causes your concentration to be very limited, so the last thing you want is to be searching through the internet for the relevant information. I wanted to change this and create a way for everything to be in one place and easy to find”.  Nathan Bowen, Founder.

Nathan decided that employers needed more support when working with someone who is suffering with PTSD. There is still such a gap in knowledge of the condition and he felt that there needed to be more training available to UK businesses about PTSD and related mental health conditions.

These training opportunities do exist, but with some courses costing companies as much as £200 – £400 per person to attend, small to medium sized businesses were not always able to take advantage. Nathan wanted to enable more businesses to access these valuable training courses by providing grants to pay for members of management or HR Departments to attend and then continue to work with them to help implement key practices in their business.

Click here to read more about our founder’s experience with PTSD. 

Your Donations

Your donations will be used to fund training for UK employers, as stated on our website. They will also be used to raise awareness of PTSD and how it can affect people in the workplace, through various platforms. We will always ensure that your donations are used in line with our charitable objectives.


PTSD At Work is governed by the charity’s board of trustees. Find out more about our trustees here.

The Future

With our initial plans outlined, PTSD At Work will continue to grow and uncover new areas of opportunity in which to support our stakeholders and achieve our charitable purposes.